How to Greet People in Albanian

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Elson FarkaAlbanés
27 de febrero de 2016
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In Albanian (as in most languages), there are different ways to greet people in formal and informal situations. In this article, you will learn some basic greetings that you should use when you meet someone.

Depending on the time of the day, you can start a conversation with an Albanian by saying one of the following greetings: 'mirëmëngjesi', 'mirëdita' or 'mirëmbrëma'.

Consider the following examples:

Mirëmëngjesi Jeta! Si jeni? - Good morning Jeta! How are you?.

Mirëmbrëma! Si po ia çon? - Good evening! How are you doing?.

Mirëdita zemër. Çfarë do bësh sot? - Good afternoon honey. What will you do today?

Mirë se vini në shtëpinë time. - Welcome to my house.

You can also greet people by just saying 'përshëndetje', 'ç'kemi?' or 'tungjatjeta'.

Consider the following examples:

Përshëndetje! Si jeni me shëndet? - Hello! How is your health?

Ç'kemi Artan? A pimë një kafe? - Hi Artan! Shall we drink a coffee?

Tungjatjeta! Si e keni emrin? - Hello! What is your name?

Alo, a do vish sot? - Hello, will you come today?



Once you've started the conversation by greeting someone, you can continue by asking some basic follow-up questions. Usually these are related to one's health or what the other person has been doing recently.

Consider the following examples:

Ndonjë gjë të re? - Anything new?

Me çfarë je marrë dje? - What have you been doing yesterday?

Çfarë do të bësh sot? - What will you do today?

It is important to note that during a conversation the other person might ask you the same question "Si jeni?" over and over again.

When you respond, use one these these phrases:

Mirë faleminderit. Po ju? (formal) - Fine thanks. Are you?

Mirë / Shumë mirë (informal) - Good / very good.



In the first parts of this article, you learned how to begin and maintain a brief conversation in Albanian. Now, it’s time to learn how to bring conversations to an end – in both formal and informal situations.

Be friendly when wrapping things up, so the other person knows you enjoyed the conversation. As in most languages, try to end on a positive note.

Consider the following examples:

Mirë pra, kënaqësi që u takuam. - Okay then, nice to meet you.

Mirupafshim! Gjithë të mirat! - Goodbye! All the best!

Mirë pra, shihemi më vonë. - Okay then, see you later.

These were some short example conversations for you to practice basic greetings in Albanian. Now go ahead and find a partner or tutor to practice with!

Take turns playing different roles. Finally, as an exercise, make up your own conversations and post them in the comment section below.

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