The magic word when ordering Italian food!

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Federica Italiano
27 de diciembre de 2017
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VORREI...the magic word when ordering (amazing) food!

Ciao Italian learners!

Have you ever heard about this word “Vorrei”? It means “I would like” and Italian people always use it when ordering food or drinks in a bar or restaurant.

Before we make some examples, let’s learn these very useful words:

  • un cornetto => a croissant
  • un caffè => a coffee (note that in Italy if you ask for a “caffè” they will bring you an “espresso”)
  • un panino => a sandwich
  • una bottiglia d’acqua (naturale o gassata) => a bottle of (still or sparkling) water
  • un bicchiere di vino rosso => a glass of red wine
  • una spremuta d’arancia => an orange juice
  • una pizza margherita => a pizza margherita
  • un gelato => an icecream

Now….let’s combine the magic word “Vorrei” with the above expressions and let’s practise. Don’t forget to add at the end of the sentence “Per piacere” or “Per favore”, both mean “please”:

  • Vorrei un cornetto, per favore.
  • Vorrei un caffè, per piacere.
  • Vorrei un panino, per favore.
  • Vorrei una bottiglia d’acqua gassata, per piacere.
  • Vorrei un bicchiere di vino rosso, per favore.
  • Vorrei una spremuta d’arancia, per favore.
  • Vorrei una pizza margherita, per piacere.
  • Vorrei un gelato, per piacere.

Easy, right? :-) Now it’s time for you to go to Italy and practise as much as possible! Book a lesson with me any time if you want to learn more about this amazing language and country!

A presto!


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