Three Ways To Sing Your Way to a New Language!

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Temeika Inglés
8 de mayo de 2017
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Do you want to learn a language with ease? What if the words you wanted to know rolled right off of your tongue? Learning a new language does not need to be a difficult task. You can learn while singing.

Music is the language of the world. It is not surprising to know that music is an effective teaching tool. According to Chris Brewer, a recognized education specialist, " Music deepens understanding and reinforces memory through emotional associations." In other words, music helps you understand subjects better. Moreover, it will help you to remember information through the feelings you associate with the learning experience. Finally, there are no disadvantages of learning using music, only positive effects.

Step 1 is an excellent website that provides access to thousands of free music options. Search for the target language you want and press play! After listening to your favorite tune a couple of times, you will be on your way to some great phrases in your new language.

Step 2 is a site we all know well. You can opt for Youtube Red if you would like to forgo commercials; however, the free version will work fine. Search for educational music in your target language or look for videos of tunes you have listened to on Spotify. Also, you can view karaoke versions of songs. With this in mind, you will learn to read and speak the language while singing.

Step 3

Remember, you are not auditioning for a concert. Have fun with the music and enjoy learning a new language in an exciting way.

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