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'A CAZZIMMA = one of the most popular and representative Neapolitan words

hace un mes
Hi there, I'm Sonia from Naples!

Neapolitan is one of my native languages and I love it so much. Studying Neapolitan means much more than mastering a new language! It is about mastering your emotions!
Let's learn a new Neapolitan word today!
'A CAZZIMMA : It is a mix of bad attitudes towards other people.

Malice + Egoism + Slyness.

Some examples:

when you are preparing a wonderful pizza and you refuse to offer a slice to other people, well...this is CAZZIMMA!;

when a friend of yours asks you to introduce him to a girl that you know very well and you say NO, well...this is CAZZIMMA!.
Stateve bbuon! / Take care! ;)