A little trick - Prepositions of Transport

hace un mes
(You can also see this is my introduction video!)

Prepositions can be tricky right? So here is a little trick that a class of mine and I made up one day!

IN or ON?

IN a car
IN a taxi
ON a bus
ON a train
ON an aeroplane

So why are some IN and why are some ON?

In my class, we came up with a trick to remember!

We say IN for a car and taxi, because you are "IN" CONTROL. You decide the destination, whether you are driving, or telling the taxi driver where you would like to go.

We say ON for a bus, train, and aeroplane, because you are "ON" A JOURNEY. You are part of a journey on these methods of transport, but you do not choose the destination, and thus are not in control.

I love making up tips and tricks when it comes to language acquisition, and I hope this helps some of you Verbling students who are learning English! 😀