Colloquial expressions with the verb "pasar" in Spanish

a month ago
The verb "pasar" can be used in the following colloquial expressions: * "Lo pasado, pisado". With this phrase it is exhorted to forget or to forgive complaints or angers * "Pasar a mayores" When a situation becomes more serious or important than it seemed. “La situación pasó a mayores y se pegaron” * "Pasar de largo" When you go to a place without stopping and, in general, without looking at what is around "Pasó de largo y no me saludó" * "Pasar por encima" When a person performs an action in a hurry and anticipates another in obtaining something. "Esa mujer me pasó por encima en la esquina y casi me choca con el auto" * "Pasarse de listo" "Pasarse de vivo" We use this phrase when a person acts in a not very honest way or tries to deceive and take advantage of a situation but is discovered. "No te pases de vivo conmigo" * "Pasarse una persona". When a person exceeds an action "Te pasaste con ese insulto" * "Pase lo que pase" In spite of what may happen. “Pase lo que pase, estoy con vos”

And you? Do you have similar expressions in your language? How do you say them?
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