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Cześć! Do you know Robert Makłowicz, the most adored Chef in Poland?

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This week I have another news for you from the Polski Daily website!

Robert Makłowicz and his programme were on the Polish TV since I can remember. It seems like forever, that you could’ve watched him on the Sunday afternoons – traveling and cooking crazy dishes. Robert taught generations of Poles about other cultures, history of other countries, about the most interesting sights and most of all – about their cuisines!
Unfortunately, in 2017 the TV has suddenly broken the contract with Makłowicz. But he did not give up! At the end of July 2017 he confirmed that from now on he’s going to have his own show online, and from March 2020 he started to run his own YouTube channel, where he vlogs about traveling, cooking, history, etc!
Nowadays, there are loads and loads of memes, remixes and do-overs with Makłowicz – mostly because he has a great sense of humour, can laugh at himself, speaks in a very characteristic way aaaaand he likes to have a drink or two! He is a wonderful human being with good heart, he doesn’t engage in politics, but says that food can change the world! His mission is to teach Poles about other cultures – to teach how to be more opened, curious, without any prejudices and not to believe in stereotypes. If you still don’t know Robert Makłowicz, you have to see his vlogs asap!