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你真的会说“不”吗? Do you really know how to so "no" ?

hace un año
我相信你一定经常会说“不”, 但是你真的知道应该怎么用中文说“不”吗?
I believe you may always say "No" in your daily life, but do you really know how to say "No" in Chinese?

The tone of Chinese characters will change during use. If you know the rules of change, it will be easier for your listening understanding, and your spoken Chinese will become more accurate.

我将“不”的读音变化总结如下,你可以试试读一读吗?如果有不清楚的地方欢迎你随时来问我哦~ 你也可以发送语音给我听。我很乐意帮助你纠正发音,让你的汉语更加地道!
I summarized the pronunciation of "一" as follows. Can you try to read them out? You can also send me voice messages. I will be happy to help you correct your pronunciation and make your Chinese more authentic! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me ~