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"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson

Larry Rosenwinkel
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"What does it mean to relax? Despite hearing this term thousands of times during the course of our lives, very few people have considered what it's really about".

"When you ask people (which I have don many times) what it means to relax, most will answer in a way that suggests that relaxing is something you plan to do later -- you do it on vacation, in a hammock, when you retire, or when you get everything done. This implies, of course, that most other times (the other 95 percent of your life) should be spent nervous, agitated, rushed and frenzied. Very few actually come out and say so, but this is the obvious implication. Could this explain why so many of us operate as if life were one great big emergency? Most of us postpone relaxation until our "in basket" is empty. Of course it never is". 


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