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How do you say the year names in English?

hace 17 días
My students sometimes find the English names of the years confusing, and often, a direct translation of their native language names for the years is different to how most native English speakers would say it.

Here's how I do it:

  • 1981: the year that I was born - 'nineteen eighty-one'
  • 1999: the title of a famous song by Prince - 'nineteen ninety-nine'
  • 2000: the year that people celebrated the new millennium - 'two thousand'
  • 2001: the year of Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey movie title - 'two thousand and one'
  • 2010: the year that Apple released the first iPad - 'twenty ten'
  • 2012: the year of the London Olympics - 'twenty twelve'
  • 2020: the year that many of us wish we could forget - 'twenty twenty'
  • 2021: this year - 'twenty twenty-one'
I hope this is helpful!