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How to Improve Your English Accent

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Hi, everyone! I hope you are having fun and learning a lot with your teachers, friends, and family!

In order to sound more natural and relaxed when speaking English, you must practice using your mouth correctly. English speakers (1) speak from a relaxed throat, (2) use their tongue to pronounce the L, R, and N sounds, and (3) do not focus on changing the inflection of their voice. Inflection is a change in pitch or loudness of the voice.

Here are some simple tips you should consider if you'd like to reduce your native accent.

In summary,

1) American English speakers do not use their throat and gut muscles very often.
2) Use your tongue and teeth together to pronounce the 'L', 'R', and 'N' sounds.
3) Try to speak in a STRAIGHT LINE! "Hi, my name is Joy. I am from America."
_________ NOT _/____/\_~~_

Have fun when studying English! Remember to express yourself freely!

-Malcolm M.