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Lessons in less than 12 hours (Short Notice)

hace 8 meses
Students, are you aware that if you want to have a lesson as soon as possible, in less than 12 hours, that you can? All you have to do is contact the teacher(s) you want to work with to ask if they will be available at the time you need. If they are, they can manually add the time to their schedule for you to book it. Just make sure, you are certain you will meet at that time.

For example, if it's 4:15pm and you want to practice your speaking at 4:30pm, you can contact a teacher to see if they're available, and if the time is not open on their schedule, they can add it if they are available.

So, if you need a lesson ASAP, this is how you can get one. HAPPY SPEAKING!!! :-)