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'Pie in the Sky' Idiom

hace 10 meses
Today I was discussing my favourite football (soccer) team with my father. The team's name is Tranmere Rovers, and I think that we can win our league next season. He told me that this idea is "pie in the sky". Any idea what he meant?

The idiom 'pie in the sky' was coined by Swedish-born trade union organizer and songwriter Joe Hill. Hill believed that workers should join a union, so that they could improve their living standards together. He compared this idea to the ideas taught by anti-union preachers, who told workers to accept their poor lives on earth, so that they would have a reward in heaven.

Hungry workers were being promised 'pie in the sky' - something good in the future that was actually very unlikely to actually take place. So my father doesn't think Tranmere Rovers have much chance of success next season!

All idioms have a history, and I find them fascinating!