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Verbling LingoLab: Calling all teachers/speakers of endangered languages! ūüÜė

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In this month's Verbling LingoLab, we'd like to focus our attention on some of the less common languages out there and give teachers and speakers of those languages the opportunity to share some of their rich history with us...

Do you speak an endangered or vulnerable language? If so, we'd love to hear from you - see the instructions at the end of this post for more info! ūüĎá

Irish Gaelic - an endangered species?

Did you know that approximately 43% of the world's 6000+ languages are in danger of becoming extinct? According to UNESCO, many of the world's existing languages could soon be gone, forever:

UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger

But did you know that the Irish language is also quite vulnerable? Yes, even though it is taught in schools throughout the Republic of Ireland, the number of actual native speakers is dwindling. For more on the reasons behind this, please check out the following article from the Irish Independent, written in collaboration with some of our trusted colleagues over at Busuu:

Irish language¬†‚Äėdefinitely endangered‚Äô as linguists predict it will vanish in the next century

Please share your language with us!

Do you speak or teach Irish? What about another vulnerable or endangered language? On Verbling, we currently offer over 70 different languages, taught by an amazing collection of teachers from all around the globe - and we'd love to hear from you! So please, take advantage to teach us something interesting about your language by sharing in the comments below:

1) What language is it and where is it spoken?
2) Approximately how many speakers are there?
3) Teach us how to say: Hello, Goodbye and Thank you!

Looking forward to learning more from YOU, Verbling Community!! ūüíô