Why don't you speak the Russian language yet?

hace 2 meses

Good question! Let me answer this.
Studying a language can be hard, especially Russian. But if you know HOW to study it, you can make the process much more effective and fast. And I want to help you with this.

I am hosting a free webinar on Saturday, April 6th at 11:00 PM GMT +3

It is called "Why don't you speak the Russian language yet? Secrets on learning the language".

What are we going to talk about during this webinar?

  • Facts that you need to know before studying the Russian language
  • Secrets to improve your skills in listening, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and grammar
  • Get answers in a live Q&A session during the 50 minutes-long webinar
Oh, I have completely forgotten. I have a small surprise for you: after the webinar, you are going to receive a checklist for improving your skills in the Russian language. Don't miss it!

Reserve a spot

We expect hundreds of people to attend and we'd love to see you there too!

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