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I'm from Canary Islands (Spain), I studied Law at the University of La Laguna and I have a Teaching Certificate at the Complutense University of Madrid and another one at a Canarian Oficial Institute.
My classes are practical and flexible so that I focus on your needs and interests. I´m passionated about languages and other countries and cultures, so I´d be glad to be your teacher wherever you come from.
Having worked on Social Projects, with more than13 years´ experience as a legal adviser, employment consultant and Spanish teacher, I have first-hand experience in working to help foreign people with social integration problems, especially because of unemployment.
I´m able to communicate effectively and motivate my students to reach their goals. My practical approach gives confidence.
My first classes will be focused on what you really need, what you expect and what would you like to be able to say or write in Spanish because if you find Spanish is or will be useful for you, you will learn fast.
I´ll teach you vocabulary, grammar, listenings ( maybe songs or movies) and mostly REAL conversation. Also, if you want, I´ll send you exercises and review classes by e.mail and, in case you need me to correct any business or class presentation, I´ll be happy to do it.
I like very much Spanish "idioms", I find them so useful for those who want to know the way of living in any Spanish Speaker´s place ( they are very funny too)
As I say in my video, I´m really interested in other cultures and I´d like to tell you things about how we live in the Canary Islands, but mostly knowing about yours , so in my classes, I´ll try you to speak as much as possible.

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2012 - 2012
Formación, actualización y adiestramiento del personal de seguridad
Ministerio del Interior , España - Madrid, Spain
Habilitación para dar formación a personal de seguridad
1994 - 1999
Licenciatura en Derecho
Universidad de La Laguna - Tenerife, Spain


2011 - 2011
Certificado en Metodología Didáctica
Gobierno de Canarias, España - Tenerife Spain
Programación y planificación de las clases, herramientas de evaluación de los contenidos , métodos valoración de resultados de los alumnos
1995 - 1995
Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica
Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Madrid, Spain
Herramientas e instrumentos para impartir formación , formas de dar clase, metodología didáctica ( planificación, ejecución y evaluación de las clases)

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