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Are you working in a business or hope to be? Many international companies and, even, local ones are becoming “all English.” So you need to learn English well. Not just any English either. You need particular skills in English to succeed in business.
I am a trained teacher and an experienced business manager. I’ve been helping people like you for the past ten years.

I love to see my students succeed.

And to succeed, they need to perform well when it matters

I generally work with students who are advanced intermediate or advanced. Some need to perform well in English for some specific purpose: make a presentation, have a job interview, speak to an important client, attend an international meeting and so on. Others just want to improve their skills in English.

I am a native speaker from California. For the past ten years, I have been Professor of Business English at one of the top universities in Peru. I also have a practice as a Business English Coach working with managers in business and government.

I have Teacher Certification from the State of California to teach English. My highest level of education is doctoral studies in Adult Learning.
In business,
Once we meet and I learn what it is that you want to achieve, I will design lessons to meet your needs. In doing so, I will assemble all sorts of resources that will aid you. My goal is to help you perform well.
The Question you need to ask.Can this person help me do what I need to do? The only way to get an answer to this is for you to sign up for a class.
I will look forward to hearing from you.

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American English
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Accent Reduction
Business English
Colloquial English
Grammar Development
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TSOL Certificate
Arizone State University - Tempe, Arizona
Techniques of teaching English
1994 - 2007
Teaching Credential
State of California Teacher Certification - Sacramento, California
Credentialed at all levels: Elementary, Secondary and Community College with specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language

Experiencia profesional

Universidad del Pacifico - Lima, Peru
Courses in advanced Business English at university and at Companies

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