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GOOD DAY! I am a highly motivated British English teacher who is also fluent in Spanish, and I genuinely love teaching! I focus on building confidence in my students in a fun and friendly atmosphere. I help them gain access to the English-speaking world through personalised classes, unique to them, and designed to advance their English in the most productive and effective ways. Due to learning Spanish, I am aware of every step of the language-learning process, and so am able to teach my students tips and tricks for learning another language. I also specialise in idioms, as although the academic side is essential, the non-academic side is also vital in not only learning a language, but really understanding it - and the culture too!

I hold a degree in English Literature and Hispanic Studies from a university within the Russell Group, the United Kingdom’s top 24 leading universities. I am currently in Colombia, teaching English at a university, a language school, and in private classes. My work allows me to continuously enrich my teaching abilities through interaction with a variety of students of all ages, ranging from beginners to advanced, and those preparing for exams such as IELTS. Thus far, I have worked in Colombia, England, the United States, and with Verbling students from around world, with these experiences having given me a valuable insight into how different students of diverse languages and cultures, learn best.

I thrive on new experiences, and each student provides me with an individual challenge and reward. The journey to fluency in another language is a wonderful one, and I encourage my students to work hard and enjoy the ride, with constant support from a teacher who is also a friend.

I consider another language as being a whole other world, and I hope to be part of your journey into the English one!

(P.S. I am moving from Colombia to Spain in June so my timetable might seem a bit strange for then. But don't worry - even if I'm timezones are very different, I will always find a time for us to have a class!)

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2014 - 2018
BA Honours English Literature & Hispanic Studies
University of Birmingham - United Kingdom
Study of English literature from different eras with focus on analysis of how language is used, and study of the Spanish language with focus on literature and history.

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Private Tutor
Private Classes - Anywhere
Tutoring students of all ages and abilities, in the English language regarding speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
English Teacher
Dame Tu Lengua - Colombia
Teaching of IELTS preparation courses, and speaking classes with focus on discussion of various articles and video clips, and work on pronunciation and grammar.
English Language Assistant / Teacher
Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores - Colombia
Independent teaching of the English language, with focus on vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation, British culture, and motivating the students.

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