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Highly Skilled Language Instruction Teacher with over 20 years experience of German teaching, more than 3000 lessons online - see certifications on my profile!
Graduate Degree in German language, Master in German as a foreign language, certified in exam preparation. My focus: the best methods to learn German fast and effectively!

Your time is precious - learn German fast and in an efficiant way
Individual solutions:
Free placement test – pronounciation test - Flexible lesson program – personal student plan

Working successfully on another platform, I joined Verbling one year ago to learn a language, but I have only been offering classes here recently.
As a passionate teacher of German, during the past 20 years of teaching and studying, I developed a special method for all learners of German who feel that they are not progressing (fast enough) in their learning process. Now, I am teaching this method on Verbling,

Over these 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching German to international students from beginners to the most advanced.
Since 2017, I am a full time online teacher.
During 10 years, I worked as a corporate teacher at a multinational company in Spain. There, I taught General German, Business German and German for Technical Engineers to all levels.
I also taught in bilingual schools and institutes and helped German teachers to bring their skills to perfection.
After university, I worked at the German Language School (Mondragon Lingua) during 6 years, where I received an excellent practical training in teaching German as a foreign language.

My skills
- Fully understanding of the fact, that your time is valuable
- A teacher who knows how to learn languages
- Experience in all aspects of the German language of all levels gives me the ability to know what you need now.
- Very patient and understanding
- I enjoy teaching people and seeing students achieve their goals.
- High level speaking skills
- My German is very clear and easy to understand.

You will receive a personal google-drive-correction plan and a pronunciation test at the beginning.
I will reveal to you the three most effective studying strategies!

If you are a sales manager, a technical engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or a student, I have suitable books and material for you,
but of course - any other profession is welcome!

You can choose between three courses:

1 communication: learning intuitively with videos/ audios
2 general german: lessons illustrated by an interactive workbook
3 professional training: studying with a digital workbook
some possible topics -
presentations, communication on the phone, trade fair planning, order processing, conflict management, job application, job interview, online trading, stock exchange, insurance, advertising, tariff system, negotiating ...
The courses in detail:

1 "Let's speak German" course
* Levels: A2 to C2 - from beginner to expert
* Talking about a topic and answering questions
* Learn German through the latest methods, videos and audios:
Discover a new, fun way to learn how to speak German that is simple, fast and works!
This course is not for people who just want to talk. It's about expanding vocabulary and eliminating mistakes with the help of a systematic correction plan.
At the same time you can be sure, that I'll get you speaking about 90 percent of the lesson time.
By the way, as you listen to the videos/ audios you will also train your listening comprehension and improve your spelling while writing the corrections into the document with my help!
In addition, we will address grammatical phenomena and problems at the very moment they appear.

2 General German course
Learn German in an easy and fast way with a Digital Workbook.
Learning with a book has advantages and disadvantages.
It is beneficial, that a workbook is made by professionals and has got a straight progression from easyer to more difficult.
Unfortunately, workbooks are too extensive and full of unnessessary stuff.
I will guide you through the book and with the help of my experience we will only do, what is most relevant for you personally.
- improve your German conversational skills, Pronunciation
- Increase vocabulary
- personalized grammar, writing, reading and listening, videos

With a placement test we can find out your current level.
If there are any knowledge gaps, we will close them first, then we will go on with the book:

A1 - Beginner - Communicating in a basic way
A2 – Elementary – Communicating in usual situations
B1 – Intermediate – Communicating in most situations
B2 – Upper intermediate – Expressing yourself in a clear and detailed manner
C1- C2+ bring your German to perfection

3 Professional Training
German at the workplace
- Medicine, business, trade, office, services, application training ...
- B1 - C1
This course is for professionals who need the language in order to interact with Germans on their job. The aim is to gain confidence expressing yourself in situations of your interest including profession-related vocabulary.
The grammar is taught in a professional context.
In a placement test we can find out your current level.
If there are any knowledge gaps, we will close them first, then we will go on with the topics which you are interested in.

The book comes with an Audio CD which gives learners the opportunity to listen to typical workplace conversations between native speakers of German
During the lessons, we will work with the digital, interactive version of the workbook.
Learn German easy and fast with adapted materials!

- Expand vocabulary fast with the most effective methods
personalized grammar, writing, reading and listening, videos
- improve your German conversational skills, pronunciation,
German culture
- Optional homework

B1 – Intermediate – Communicating in most situations
B2 – Upper intermediate – Expressing yourself in a clear and detailed manner

For more than three lessons per week, please consult with me in advance. Danke:)
If posible, avoid any changes of lessons. Thank you so much for respecting my time.
Lessons will be 55 minutes.

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