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I'm an ESL teacher from Durham, which is a small city in the north east of England. I graduated from the University of Manchester with a bachelor degree in Linguistics in 2012 and then I moved to Costa Rica in 2015 and received my TEFL certificate.
Between January 2015 and December 2017 I lived in Heredia, Costa Rica while teaching English in a well regarded language centre. I taught students of varying proficiency, learning abilities, backgrounds and motivation; plus I was also involved with training and developing teachers new to ESL life. At the moment I'm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I teach Business English to professionals.
My teaching style is calm, patient and empathetic with an onus on making every single part of the lesson dynamic, student centred and tailored to your motivations and interests.
As a language learner, I thrive on being surrounded by native speakers and I try to commit myself to achieving a new goal every day, whether that's a simple everyday task like talking to a barber, or something more technical like describing a dream I had the night before. Even though I'm a big believer in communicative methods in order to learn languages, my linguistic background leads me to explore grammatical patterns when I study languages and appreciate the importance of the subtle differences.

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British English
Teenagers (12-18)
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2009 - 2012
B.A. Lingustics
University of Manchester - Manchester, UK
An in depth study of language from technical aspects like syntax, morphology, semantics and pragmatics, to social aspects of language and how it deeply affects our world.

Experiencia profesional

Freelance English Teacher
Sao Paulo, Brazil
I teach a variety of students around the city of Sao Paulo. All of my classes are tailored to the needs of the students who work in a range of fields such as engineering, sales, PR and nutrition.
2016 - 2017
Team Lead
Centro de Idiomas, Intercultura - Heredia, Costa Rica
I have run workshops on a large range of ESL disciplines in order to aid the development of my peers and I've also been given responsibilities such as level testing new students into the school, giving free tutorials to struggling students, observing teachers and giving feedback as well as creating brand new content for our "flipped classroom" webstie.
2015 - 2017
English Teacher
Centro de Idiomas, Intercultura - Heredia, Costa Rica
I have taught Costa Ricans in both group and private formats with varying ages, abilities and motivations. I was hired to teach A1 students but over time I've managed to teach all the way up to C2 level students. The school's methodology is based on the communicative approach where we aim to be language learning facilitators rather than traditional teachers.
2015 - 2015
Online English Teacher
English with Experts - Online
I taught predominately Russian students from business backgrounds. They were of a high level and we focused on breaking the bad habits they'd developed while learning vocabulary relating to their field of work.


2015 - 2015
Costa Rica TEFL - Playa Samara, Costa Rica
Completed 160 hours of intensive training including 10 hours of observed ESL teaching.

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