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Olá! Chamo-me Clóvis e sou português! It will be my pleasure to be your Portuguese teacher! One of the things I love is to teach my language to all the people around the world! Not only the language but also our gastronomy, culture, show you some bits of Portugal and give you everything we have to offer! If you are also aiming to get to know our Law system, that can also be arranged! Right now, you are looking to someone who simply loves this job!

I have been teaching Portuguese to foreigners since March 2009, at a school for foreigners at Porto, on the north of Portugal! I normally teach weekly classes with a number of students that goes between 1 to 6. Every topic about it is covered, not only the language. Thankfully, I got to know an unlimited number of amazing and interesting people and now, it's you!
Thus, before that I have lived and worked abroad. That helped me a lot knowing and understanding other people besides us, the Portuguese. So, I am very acquainted to different cultures and people.

I will quickly understand what it takes for someone like you to learn this language, according to your needs, your demands, background, education or on the mission you have on your hands right now. So, tell me your goal, I will help you out with it. We will make a plan for you, there is a number of unlimited resources (everyday life aspects, documents, books, movies, music, videos, grammar exercises, a structured course - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) I can hand you in order for you to achieve your purpose. You will be given a confidence boost and once you start, you won't stop! I won't be wasting your time nor you will be wasting your money. In the end, you will feel resourceful and eager to learn even more.

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2010 - 2014
Licenciatura em Solicitadoria
Universidade Portucalense - Porto
Solicitadoria e Direito
2004 - 2008
Licenciatura de Estudos Anglo-Americanos
Faculdade de Letras - Porto
Literaturas Anglo-Americanas

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Native Language Teacher
Fast Forward - Porto
The teaching of portuguese as a foreign language

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